1970’s VOX AC30 Top Boost


1970’s VOX AC30 in with a loud mains buzz. Main fault was the HT smoothing capacitor (the old one is the blue thing on the top). It also needed a new quad of EL84 tubes and a small repair to one of the speaker cones. All done, it was very hum free and hiss free. It is hard to fix the date for this one. It had 1976 on the POT’s date code. It looks like a Rose Morris era AC30 Top Boost amp without the voltage selector on the front panel and with PCB strips wired to valve sockets, not tag boards. The PCB’s are the superior glass fibre bluish ones. This is one of the better models to get. The 1970 to 1973 Birch-Stolec era models are to be avoided because the resin bonded paper PCB with directly mounted tube sockets degrades with the heat and the copper tracks come loose. Tag board wired models are easiest for techs like me to work on.

IMG_1374 IMG_1378