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I have repaired and serviced a lot of Dynacord PowerMate’s over the years. PM600, PM1000 & PM1600 MK1 and MK2. I don’t think it is because they are particularly unreliable, there are just a lot of them out there. They are very popular with pub entertainers vocal groups and small bands for their portability and good reverb effects.

When they go wrong, the most common symptom is that the protection LED stays on and no sound is coming from the speakers. This usually means one of the power amplifiers has blown. Alternatively, it could be just a scratchy fader or two.

I can work on Dynacord Powermate MK1 and MK2 mixers. (I do not have access to service information for the MK3 versions so I recommend you go to the official Dynacord service centres for these models.) Below are some examples of Dynacord repairs and their cost. All prices include cleaning fluff from fans and heatsinks, cleaning and lubrication of faders and pots as needed, lubrication of fans and a safety test:

  • Repair one power amplifier channel on a Powermate 600 …£150 plus £75 for both channels
  • Repair one power amplifier channel on a PowerMate 1000 or 1600 …£195 plus £100 for both channels.
  • Thorough clean and lubrication of all potentiometer controls and faders and front panel (requires removal of all knobs and main mixer board) … add £66 to above prices.
  • Replace one fader on any PowerMate …£60 plus £5 for each additional fader.
Dynacord PowerMate 1600 MK2
Dynacord PowerMate 1600 MK2

I can accept Dynacords sent by courier and the return courier charge is £27 for a Powermate 600 including boxing up and drop off at courier. I will use your packaging to return the mixer so please use a good strong box. Please make sure there is plenty of cushioning around it and that it is not free to move around in the box and enclose a list of faults. If I have to supply a box, that will cost extra. Call me on 01457 597018 or email via the contact page to ask me any questions.

Local vocalist Tony came in with his Dynacord PowerMate 1000 mk2. This turned out to be quite a tricky repair. Something had made four IC’s in the power amp go short circuit.

Tony Dynacord pm1000 mk2
Tony Dynacord pm1000 mk2

Putting a valuable and much loved piece of equipment into anyone else’s hands is always nerve wracking. The repair was handled really professionally I was happy with the price,  and customer service second to none.

Thanks again Dan
Tony Denison

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