Last night at the Moon

Tonight is the last night the Moon and Sixpence pub is open with Adam at the helm. A sad day for music lovers and hell raisers of Glossop. What will happen to the place now I am not certain. I have had a lot of great nights in there on the beer and wine and dancing most of which I cant remember that well. As both of us run moon themed businesses I feel a special affinity.

Why is BBC iPlayer so shit?

I accept that my broadband connection is slow and may be congested sometimes but there is nothing more annoying than an error message that is blatantly untrue. BBC iPlayer quite often shows the rotating pink doughnut which is annoying enough but what really pisses me off is when it suddenly just gives up and shows the ‘insufficient bandwidth’ error without even trying. Other times it will freeze without the doughnut then miss out a chunk of program before it starts again. This is not acceptable and is bad programming, nothing else. This has been going on for years without a fix. if it is down to Adobe then it is time they found a better alternative. The YouTube video player is much better. Why can’t iPlayer buffer the stream when you hit pause to go for a pee? On return, the buffered video makes later freezing much less likely. The new iPlayer radio is shite too. No wonder the BBC closed the iPlayer discussion board a while ago.