Kawai Keyboard Repair

Here Jennie Nell with her Kawai MP6 stage piano. It had a blown -15 Volt regulator on the internal power supply board. Nice keyboard to work on, easy to disassemble. It all powered up and showed a display because the main logic board was powered but there was no audio signal from the output jacks or headphones. It is all fixed now.

Jennie plays keys for Kieran Dobson & The State and solo as Nell

This is the prettiest flight case I have ever had in my shop!


Tony’s Marshall DSL50

Tony from Oldham’s ‘A Band Of Gypsies’ (ABOG Reverb Nation and on North west bands) had some work done on his Marshall DSL 50. He didn’t like the fist pair of EL34’s I put in so I changed them for a pair of pricey but highly praised Svetlana Winged C’s. They were Hot running high gain selected  tubes for that bluesy compressed late break up.

I also fixed a couple of Marshall 4×12 cabs for Tony. The jack socket switch contacts always go on them so I replace them with Neutrik gold plated jobbies that should last a bit longer.

Tony from 'A Band Of Gypsies' and his Marshall JCM2000 DSL50.

Tony from ‘A Band Of Gypsies’ and his Marshall JCM2000 DSL50.

Dynacord Powermate 1000 MK2 Repair for Tony

Local vocalist Tony came in with his Dynacord PowerMate 1000 MK2. This turned out to be quite a tricky repair. Something had made four IC’s in the power amp go short circuit.

I put his message below so I can come back, look at it and stroke my ego when I am feeling low!

Tony Dynacord pm1000 mk2

Tony Dynacord pm1000 mk2

Putting a valuable and much loved piece of equipment into anyone else’s hands is always nerve wracking. The repair was handled really professionally I was happy with the price,  and customer service second to none.

Thanks again Dan
Tony Denison