If your amp is tired, temperamental, sick, dying or dead you have come to the right place!


LaLuna Technology is an electronic repair workshop based in Hadfield, UK. It is a one man band owned and run by myself, Dan Davenport. I specialize in musician’s amplification repairs, valve (tube) guitar amplifiers, mixing desks and PA. I am near Glossop, twelve miles from the centre of Manchester and twenty six miles over the moors from Sheffield.

32 Station Road, Hadfield, Glossop. SK13 1BQ
Ph:07761394965 or 01457 597018

Common Services

Guitar amplifier repairs and valve replacement

Loss of power, valve rattle and snaps crackles and pops are all possible symptoms of tired tubes. A heavily used amp can easily wear out tubes in 6 months. Bring it in for a valve test.

Valve amp mods

Mixing Desk Servicing

I have had a lot of success with Dynacord Powermate 600, Powermate 1000 and Powermate 1600 MK1 & MK2 mixer/amps popular with pub singers and vocal groups. These are the older and heavier ones but there are still a lot of them out on the road. The common fault with these is one blown power amp which lights the protection LED. Fixing this fault on a pm1000 will cost £170 including parts (new set of power transistors on blown channel), labour and six month warranty. A pm600 would be £115. It may be something simpler which would of course cost you less.

Power amp repair

Some PA rack mount amps can be fixed economically, depends what’s gone and make/model.

Noisy control pot clean and lube or replacement

Audio cable repair

Faulty input jack replacement

Speaker testing and replacement

PAT safety testing

Get your amps (especially vintage ones) safety tested if you don’t want to risk going to rock heaven in the footsteps of Keith Relf of the Yardbirds who died of electrocution while playing through an badly earthed guitar amp. Valve amps can use HT supplies in excess of 500 Volts DC which is more than enough to stop your heart! A lot of venues ask to see proof of PAT testing before they let you play. PAT test on a guitar amp, mains cable and multiway extension inc. certificate would cost you £10.

Home audio visual gear repairs