Lost in Space S2:EP6 Severed: Scientific Innacuracy That Ignores A Law Of Thermodynamics Bullshit

  • In this episode, on top of a whole list of ridiculously unbelievable human feats, there is a glaring scientific Inaccuracy that I have to document on the net. When Penny, bogus Dr Smith, Vijay and the teacher escape the jettisoned section of the Resolute in a large hermetically sealed and insulated sample container they are in space for a matter of minutes but are depicted as being in the later stages of hypothermia by the time they get to the Jupiter ship. This is totally wrong. Yes, deep  space is on average around 3 Kelvin or -270 °C but space has such a low density that heat transfer by conduction from the box would be negligible. The predominant method of heat loss would be electromagnetic radiation which would cause them to freeze eventually but not within a few minutes.
  • You may think it doesn’t really matter, they’re just bending the truth for the sake of an exciting plot but I say it does matter and is completely unnecessary. Nature and the laws of the universe  can create jeopardy enough in our human lives without making stuff up. It just shows a lack of imagination on the part of the script writers.