For Sale: Two TOA 500 Series A-512E 120 Watt 100V Line PA Amplifiers

Two TOA 500 Series A-512E 120 Watt 100V Line PA Amplifiers for sale. In good clean working condition. Passed PAT test.

  • 120 Watt RMS output into 4 Ohms or 50,70 or 100 Volt line.
  • 5 inputs with front panel level (3 Microphone, 2 aux)
  • 1 aux input with fixed level.
  • 1 tape out, 1 aux out.

All signal inputs and outputs by 5 pin DIN. Speakers are on screw terminals.

£50 ono

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Marshall 1960A Cab Jack Socket Fault – Fixed

I have had a Marshall 1960A Lead 4×12 cabinet in with problems.


Only two out of the four drivers were working on mono 4Ω mode and one of the four was making bad noises. This cab relies on the switch contacts on the two jack sockets to connect the two pairs of drivers in series (16Ω) or parallel (4Ω) depending on which socket is used. The switch contacts on the original sockets are nickel silver or tin plated and can’t stand much current without burning out. This is what happened in this case. The arcing had heated the contact enough to melt the plastic body.


To fix the fault I replaced both switch jacks with gold plated Neutrik / Rean NYS2152G replacements. They fit perfectly and should last a bit longer than the originals. I also sprayed the centre Mono / Stereo switch with contact cleaner. There was also a loose spade connector on one driver which I pinched up with pliers to solve the bad noises.

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For Sale: Marshall JVM 210H 100w All Tube Head Amplifier


Please note 4×12 has been sold.



Marshall JVM 210H Valve Head £666

Owner needed something much quieter as they are doing tiny gigs.

12 months old gigged only a handful of times
Superb condition

This amp was fully serviced in November 2014 and had a new set of EL34 power tubes. It is fully functional and PAT safety checked.

Packed with modern features including three modes per channel, MIDI, dual master volume, series & series/parallel effects loop, reverb and a programmable footpedal connected via a standard guitar lead.

100-Watt valve head
Valve complement: 5 x ECC83 (12AX7s)and 4 x EL34
independent, footswitchable channels – Clean / Crunch and Overdrive
Each channel boasts 3 footswitchable modes Green, Orange & Red
Studio quality, footswitchable digital reverb with level controls for both channels.
2 footswitchable master volumes
Two FX loops Series/Parallel & Parallel
Emulated line out
4 way footswitch with memory capabilities (UK patent pending)
All switching can be done via MIDI
Made in England

Marshall 1960BV 4 x 12″ Speaker Cabinet £SOLD

Please ring or email first to arrange viewing.

For Sale: Fender Sidekick 65 Guitar Amp

Compact 65 Watt combo with plenty of volume and combined channel feature.

I am impressed with the myriad different sounds you can get from this amp. If you put the guitar jack in input 2, both the clean and drive channels are mixed giving a rich mix of harmonic content with easy control. It does not have the original speaker but it sounds good to me. Comes with wired in foot channel/reverb switch and spring reverb tank.


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Last night at the Moon

Tonight is the last night the Moon and Sixpence pub is open with Adam at the helm. A sad day for music lovers and hell raisers of Glossop. What will happen to the place now I am not certain. I have had a lot of great nights in there on the beer and wine and dancing most of which I cant remember that well. As both of us run moon themed businesses I feel a special affinity.

1970’s VOX AC30 Top Boost


1970’s VOX AC30 in with a loud mains buzz. Main fault was the HT smoothing capacitor (the old one is the blue thing on the top). It also needed a new quad of EL84 tubes and a small repair to one of the speaker cones. All done, it was very hum free and hiss free. It is hard to fix the date for this one. It had 1976 on the POT’s date code. It looks like a Rose Morris era AC30 Top Boost amp without the voltage selector on the front panel and with PCB strips wired to valve sockets, not tag boards. The PCB’s are the superior glass fibre bluish ones. This is one of the better models to get. The 1970 to 1973 Birch-Stolec era models are to be avoided because the resin bonded paper PCB with directly mounted tube sockets degrades with the heat and the copper tracks come loose. Tag board wired models are easiest for techs like me to work on.

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