SOLD: Fender Bassman 6G6-B 1964 Head and Cab

IMG_20160520_094742SOLD: 1964 Fender Bassman 50 Watt Head and 2×12 Speaker Cab.

Manufactured: 1964

Covering: Rough blonde Tolex

Grille: Recovered with new gold thread grille cloth.


IMG_20160520_094852Pre-amp and PI: 4x ECC83/12AX7 Mixed Fender and one new JJ

Power amp: 2x brand new Sovtek 5881WXT

Rectifier: Original solid state diodes

Mains supply: The original mains power transformer must have been replaced because the back of the chassis specifies US voltage. It is an original 1964 Fender export model 240 Volts 125P7DX.

Output transformer: Fender 1964 125A13A.

Choke: 1964 model:125C1A

Power output: 50 Watts into 4 Ohms

IMG_1898 IMG_1899Speakers: 2x 12” 8 Ohms wired in parallel = 4 Ohms

1x Oxford 12MGX

1x Utah Electronics

All in good working order.

IMG_20160520_094713The rear amplifier cover is missing. A matching blonde Tolex replacement can be supplied if required at extra cost. The thumbscrews that lock head and speaker cab and the side props are missing. They are still available from Fender but are quite expensive for what they are. There are some of the usual marks and scuffs on the Tolex.


The main HT smoothing capacitors have been replaced at some point but the pre-amp smoothing caps are original. They still test OK. I replaced the smoothing capacitor on the bias circuit and the screen grid power resistors. The output tubes are new as is the V3 pre-amp tube.

For more information “try outs” & viewing, please contact Dan at LaLuna Technology

Phone: 01457 597018

Peavey UL-12 Satellite PA Speakers – Schematic

I had a pair of Peavey UL-12 speakers in for repair from Barry Barnes of the band Sinnerboy, the excellent Rory Gallagher tribute. (See The recently re-established Peavey UK distributor were taking ages to get me some replacement Black Widow baskets so I ended up cancelling the order and getting them reconed at RMJ in Keighley. I sketched out a schematic for the crossover (I have just included the passive setup. There is an alternative connector for active).

Peavey UL-12 PA speaker schematic - passive

Peavey UL-12 PA speaker schematic – passive

The tweeter fuse is a polyswitch or resettable fuse which I replaced with TE Connectivity RXEF040 which opens the circuit at about 400 mA RMS and dissipates excess energy in the 2.5 Ohm resistors and the bulb. The fuses had exploded in a puff of soot which I am sure isn’t meant to happen. The tweeter coils were intact though.